North Trailhead

Its only up from here

As my car drove through Leadville Colorado, the sun finished its day and presented final moments inside orange clouds that rolled over high peaks of the Sawatch Mountain Range.  At this time the mountains were guarded by silhouettes, low light and golden sky, but the peaks were quiet, like a painting produced by J. M. W. Turner. The scene brought a chilling thought to the night: the awareness of a mountains age. Among the mountain chain that shares a portion of the Continental Divide while stretching 80 miles across Colorado, lives the king: Mt. Elbert.  Although Mt. Elbert lives in a large category of 14,000 foot peaks, Mt. Elbert stands as number one for tallest mountain. Standing at 14,440 feet, the mountain laughs, especially towards Mt. Massive since they stand side by side, and even though its name sounds grand, Mt. Massive has no choice but to accept the fact it's 13 feet lower than its counterpart. 
My car, once stark to the naked eye, now laid quietly parked alongside a dirt road. My tent sat under the midnight stars and felt the smells of old timber with every mountain breeze. I ran restless with sleep and before I knew it the time finally spoke, saying 2:30AM. A scheduled meet-up was expected at the base of Mt. Elbert. The Good Couch and its team gathered at North Trailhead no later than 3:00AM and the couch summit to the peak of Mt. Elbert was on its way. 

© By Lance Harding 

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